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Review Of Taste of Home Cooking Schools


Taste of Home Cooking Schools are educational cooking shows geared towards the busy individual looking for inexpensive ideas as to what to serve for dinner or great entertaining ideas for their next party. Individuals have three shows that they can choose from depending on the needs of the individual; each offers a unique and different cooking experience.

The original Taste of Home Cooking School is offered every spring to individuals looking to try new spring flavors in interesting ways. This show is two and a half hours long with a fifteen minute in between where individuals can stretch and win door prizes. Individuals learn about tasty desserts, and great brunch ideas to serve. The great part about this traditional program is that several winners get to take home the completed dishes as part of the prize.

The next Taste of Home Cooking School is one that offers individuals meal ideas in thirty minutes or less, hence its title Made Easy. This program is only one and a half hours long with no beak in the middle. The third Taste of Home Cooking School is get cooking. This year’s theme is all about cooking outdoors. Individuals receive a free cookbook that includes the recipes that were made that evening. This program offers all the great benefits of the other programs as well as limited sampling of the food products where state law permits.

Here are some other benefits that individuals receive with the Taste of Home Cooking School.

• An entertaining evening at a reasonable price.
• Step by step recipe instruction.
• Cooking tips and kitchen shortcuts
• Opportunities to win special door prizes from national sponsors and local vendors.
• A free promotional gift bag to each attendee.
• A free copy of the Taste of Home Cooking School magazine that includes the featured recipes.
• Fun-filled learning with family and friends.
Here is other important information regarding this program. Taste of Home Cooking School is sponsored by local newspapers and radio stations. Many locations begin the evening with exhibits of local vendor wares. Guests can sample products and learn about community services. Refreshments may be served at a concession stand or guests might be directed to area restaurants to catch a bite to eat before the program begins.
Individuals can search to see when the program will be in their area, and then be directed where to buy tickets to see the program. This program takes ten culinary specialists that travel coast to coast to visit two hundred and fifty communities with their special program.

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